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What Is Marketing Automation and Why Should I Care?

The biggest challenge I face in my business is that my best customers don't understand what I do.  I tell them I do "Marketing Automation" and they can't see how that fits into their world.  It sounds big and complicated so they stop listening.

Greg Jenkins, a consultant I work with, released a 30 minute video you can watch explaining how he and his team used marketing automation to recruit 50 paying MBA students for the African Leadership University in Mauritius.   In 4 months, the recruiters were able to attract, recruit and enroll these 50 students. That's a big accomplishment.  What's more important is ALU now had a proven system for recruiting students for other academic programs and at all their campuses across Africa.

Watch the video where Greg explains how ALC recruited before (think email and spreadsheets) and how this transformed their business.  You will see marketing automation in action and how it can apply to your business.

Take a look and tell me what you think.