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AppointmentCore’s Still the Best and Here’s Why

I've been using AppointmentCore for years. It allows anyone clicking on a link in my email signature to fill out a form on my site to schedule time on my calendar. It's all self-service so it eliminates the back and forth you often experience when setting up a meeting with someone.

As a preface to my 3 part how-to videos on how I recommend you configure AppointmentCore, I will admit a few other solutions have shown up on the market last. I've checked them out and have yet to be convinced the others are any better. I continue recommending AppointmentCore to my customers because:

  • it works,
  • it integrates smoothly with Infusionsoft (no need for Zapier or other tools to connect them), and
  • it remains at the $27 one calendar price it's been since I first found it.

What follows is the part 1 of 3 video. In this one, I go over the user experience from the website contact us for, to the follow up email messages and the confirmation someone requesting the meeting sees when they sign up. In the lesson, I share my best thinking to encourage people to sign up for an appointment and confirm the meeting with reminders so the experience is as positive as possible.

Click here to watch Part 2 of this series.