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Are You Loving Clients Like Your Favorite Puppy

My poodle puppy Mango longs for my attention. I get home and he can't wait for me to pet him, love him and spend time with him. I got Mango because I wanted that in my life. Yeah puppies are a lot of work especially when they're little, but I really enjoy it and so does my wife.

It got me thinking. Clients need attention too. They won't curl up with you like a puppy will and tell you, but they crave the right amount of attention. They need the contact, the attention the caring like any relationship does. And if you don't keep that relationship tight, someone else will step in to replace you.

A lot of business owners don't realize that one of the biggest reasons clients leave a business is NOT because you failed to deliver. It wasn't because you missed a deadline or had someone on your team treat them poorly. A good number of clients leave and work with someone else because you ignore them. You didn't give them the time and attention they wanted and it's like you pushed them right into the arms of your competitors.

Here's some advice on tactics you can put in place so you NEVER lose a client because you didn't give 'em the lovin' they needed.