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Configuring Infusionsoft to Work with WeDeliver.Email

A few months back, I interviewed Adrian Savage, the creator of WeDeliver.Email. It's an Infusionsoft add-on that replaces Infusionsoft's email sending feature and replace it with another one. The primary reason for using this is to address email deliver-ability issues some Infusionsoft users experience. The service send email instead via Mandrill and other similar services.

In this lesson, I provide an overview of how the system works to override or replace the Infusionsoft email servers. The difficult part is done by WeDeliver.Email. The work involved on the Infusionsoft side is to make sure all new contacts have a second email address defined which WeDeliver.Email services to send the email out via the outside email services.

You can click here to view Jorge's interview with Adrian Savage.

Note:  Training video currently being revised.   Please check back later.

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