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From “You’re Fired” to Making the Big Bucks

In the article that follows, Josh Earl, ace online copywriter, shares the story of how he made use of his client's firing to promote his business. Personal stories are a great way to connect with your audience. It builds credibility, connects and is an easy transition to getting the business.

Not long ago I had my copywriter hat on and I was giving my buddy John Sonmez a good grilling.

John hired me to help him launch his video course for software developers, "10 Steps to Learn Anything Quickly."

So we jumped on Skype and I started pummeling him with questions about his product.

He went on and on about how important the skill of learning is for programmers. How it helps you keep up with the times, how it can help you get a better job, yadda yadda, yak yak, blah blah.

Then in the middle of all this, he up and says:

"Then I got fired."

[record scratch]

Whoa, what?

Back up...

So I dig in deeper...

Turns out, John basically bluffed his way into his first real programming job as a C++ developer.

Then he spent WEEKS pounding every scrap of knowledge he could through his eye-holes until he had C++ oozing out of his ears...

But because he didn't know the best way to learn, all that work was totally wasted.

He was STILL a lousy C++ programmer, and when his boss caught on, John got fired.

Now is that ever the most perfect sales pitch for a "how to learn" course or what?

Yet it never even occurred to John to use this story until we started talking.

It's tempting to jump all over John for missing this "obvious" story...

But guess what?

YOU are almost certainly overlooking stories that are every bit as juicy.

EVERY legit business has amazing stories like this to tell.

They are a *huge* asset—more valuable than just about anything else in your business—because they are uniquely YOURS.

Your competitors can copy your products but they can't copy your stories.

Digging out these diamonds and polishing them until they shine is one of the most profitable things you can spend your resources on.

The challenge is this:

You're so close to your business that it's almost impossible to spot these marketing gems.

Which is why it's smart to get an outside perspective.

John invested thousands for me to unearth the golden sales stories he had locked in his head.

But you don't have to...

When you're accepted into my coaching program, I'll help you step outside your business and find YOUR "stories that sell."

Click here and I'll be sure to loop you in on the details:

Josh Earl

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