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Evergreen Business System Can Do Chinese

Here's this Miami-born, Spanish-speaking, Infusionsoft loving geeky programmer and the request I get, of all things, is to build a Chinese language Evergreen Business System registration page. The client didn't need the expertise my team and I have developed using Evergreen Business System together with Infusionsoft. Most of my Evergreen Business Solution work involves integration with Infusionsoft.

What this client needed was a Chinese language registration page. Evergreen has done a good job of addressing multi-language support, but the mainland China version of Chinese this client needed isn't supported yet. Fortunately, my client only needed the registration page in Chinese. That would enable the parents of Chinese students wanting her college application consulting services to understand how to get their kids registered for her webinar.

Let me give you a one paragraph overview of Evergreen Business Systems so you understand my dilemma and how this new feature I learned to use helped me address it.

Mike Filsaime and his team have done a great job of creating a tool that will make even the most sophisticated online users believe they're attending a live webinar. Evergreen Business Solutions enables you to:

  • record a video,
  • edit the presentation until its just right and
  • then run it as if it were a live online at a predetermined time.

In order to drive attendance, Evergreen (or EBS as my team's been calling it) provides a really nice registration page building system. You configure the registration page with numerous templates and options. You can include your copy and registration page opt-in videos and combine that with a registration form that gets them signed up.

The problem I encountered was that the EBS registration and live event presentation page doesn't support all languages. But when the client presented me with her issue, I remembered an email message Mike Filsaime sent a while back. It announced that EBS would now be supporting registration forms you can embed using HTML iframes on your own web page. This makes installing the registration form about as easy as adding a YouTube video to your webpage or sidebar.

Because those embedded forms are in English, I didn't use for this client, but what a nice feature that is for putting up registration pages anywhere you want without being limited to an EBS produced page.

The other feature Filsaime announced is that you can now register someone for a webinar using an http post call. That means you can create your own HTML / php web form and register someone for the webinar. This doesn't sound like a big deal, but this means you can do anything you want programatically and get someone registered.

So what did I do? Take a look at the registration page at the following address: This is the registration page generated by EBS. You cannot register for it any longer because the webinar is in the past, but you can see how it's set up. Notice, of course, it's all in English.

If you take a look at the link at, you'll see the Chinese version.

  1. First of all notice that this isn't at an EBS hosted page. It's right on the client's website.
  2. Second, notice that it's formatted to match her current site theme. This isn't always important, but for clients that want that, you have it.
  3. You can control all aspects of the page.

In this case, we had translations done by the client's team. I have zero Chinese language skills and no familiarity for how they perceive an offer like this. I can tell you that since I could control all aspects of this page, inserting the client provided translations was very straight-forward. We took snapshots of the Chinese and created images from them. Then using CSS, we placed them where they needed to be.

Then, under the covers, we took the information collected form the form in the sidebar and made an http post call to Evegreen. That registers the contact into the system as if they had filled out an Evergreen provided form and kicks off all the follow up email sequences and features required to get this webinar properly run.

If you need some help making the most of Evegreen Business System with or without Infusionsoft, visit or contact us page or give us a call. We'd love to give you a hand so you can make the most of what this tool combination has to offer.

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