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High Wire Act: I Did NOT Plummet to My Death

A lot of people start working on their first online course or a membership coaching program and they feel like they're walking the tight rope in the circus.  They feel completely out of place walking a high wire with no security line wondering what the heck are they doing.

Will they get to the other side?

Will they plummet to their death?

Will it be a complete waste of money, energy and time they don't have?

Take a look at my video for an explanation of how I built my course (Full disclosure: It is the one I'm promoting here?) and confirmed I had buyers for it BEFORE I RECORDED A SINGLE VIDEO OR WROTE THE FIRST PIECE OF CONTENT. This is true.

I worked with a coach to come up with my Breakthrough Course Building System and like a lot of people, I was really concerned.  Would my course ever sell?

My team and I are the tech team behind online courses and membership sites.  Our traditional role has been to get the technology pieces working.  We are Infusionsoft, Wordpress and Memberium experts working under the covers to get it all working.  Because of that, I've seen a lot of very nice and expensive projects sit on the shelf and never sell.

So when I built my first course, I needed to know my course wouldn't become shelf ware.  So I found myself a coach that had done this before.  Keep in mind that I know how build these sites technically.  I wanted someone to guide me as I defined the course offering and the content I needed for the course.

The process my coach put me through focused on doing the research.  It forced me to do the work of:

  • connecting with potential clients,
  • asking them the questions about the problem they want to solve,
  • uncovering their challenges, fears and frustrations, and
  • getting directly from them the price they'd be willing to pay for the course.

As part of that process, I reached out to real customers via phone, Skype, email and social media selling a program I had yet to build.  I'm going to repeat this.  From the market research I had carried out, I built a simple sales page.  It described what I was offering based on the the market research uncovered and I started to sell that course.

The first people I approached were the people that had participated in my market research.  I had already talked to them about it.  I talked to my current customers.  I reached out to partners in my network and asked them to promote it for me.

You know what.  It sold.  That was so important because it gave me the confidence I needed to build the course content, meaning record the videos and get it all written, knowing I had real, paying buyers for it.  Hurray!!!!

What I've done now is packages what worked for me.  I'm not promoting the hope and pray method a lot of people use when building their online courses.  It's an easy-to-follow, step-by-step system that gets you to real results.

My program is called "Breakthrough Course Building System." The goal of the progrm is to building an online course and membership site and more than half the six-week program is about asking the questions.  It's about doing the very important market research.

It's a very straight-forward system.  The market research doesn't take weeks and months of work to complete.  In the first four weeks of the program, you gather all the necessary information.  Better yet, we set up the questionnaires for you and that includes asking the people you questions if they would be interested in the program when you make it available.  We get you selling your program from the very start.

We get you to confirm your course will sell while you are doing the questioning  and we don't get you building the course until you know you know it will sell.

My goal for you is that you either:

  1. Build an online course you know you can sell or
  2. Confirm your course won't sell and cut your losses.

So take a look at my Breakthrough Course Building System.  Feel free to schedule time with me if you have questions.  I want your next course building experience is to be a successful one.