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Do I Have Cancer? I Doubt It

I started the year off committed to making a change.  I had spent the previous six month, not exercising at all.  I had gained 10 pounds.  It's NOT like me.  I enjoy exercising.  I actually like working out.

Why had I stopped doing this activity I liked so much? Watch my video and get the answer.

Many people see something that doesn't make sense and start jumping to conclusions.  Jorge isn't exercising.  Maybe it's a sign of something more serious.  Is he getting depressed?  Is it something more serious?  His dad does have dementia.  Is this the onset for him?  Does he have something really bad like heart disease, cancer, something else?

"He needs to go to the doctor.  It's so not like him."

Lot's of times, asking simple questions is all it takes.

If you had asked me last fall, "Why aren't you exercising like before?" you would have quickly found out:

  • My daughter was getting married and that was very distracting.
  • Work had gotten crazy challenging and was taking up more time than usual.
  • My previous exercise program had gotten boring.

Asking questions is so important.

I see people do this all the time with online courses and membership sites.  They do it with their online marketing, too. They've either:

  1. Never tried it before and the thought of doing it intimidates them.
  2. They've tried it before and failed.
  3. They've heard how hard it is from others and that stands in their way.

The key to making any new offering or starting a new marketing program is to ask questions.  You don't have to go all Ryan Levesque using some really complex and expensive "Ask Method." (That program is good, but crazy complicated and expensive.)  You don't have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get it done.

You could consider a proven system that's gotten a good number of people building their first successful online course and membership site.

My program, called "Breakthrough Course Building System," is about building an online course and membership site, but more than half the six-week program is about asking the questions.  It's about doing the very important market research.

It's a very straight-forward system.  The market research doesn't take weeks and months of work to complete.  In two weeks time, you gather all the necessary information.  Better yet, we set up the questionnaires for you and that includes asking the people you questions if they would be interested in the program when you release it.  We get you selling from the very beginning.

We get you to confirm your course will sell while you are doing the questioning  and we don't get you building the course until you know you know it will sell.

My goal for you is that you either:

  1. Build an online course you know you can sell or
  2. Confirm your course won't sell and cut your losses.

So take a look at my Breakthrough Course Building System.  Feel free to schedule time with me if you have questions.  I want your next course building experience is to be a successful one.