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Memberium Parent Child Accounts – Nice Touch

Memberium Parent Child accounts (also called umbrella accounts) provide an feature that can't be handled correctly using Infusionsoft alone.  This is the first in a three part series where we go over how parent child accounts enable "parent" members to create "child" account for fellow team members.

  1. Part 1 gives an overview of the user interface we built using the shortcodes Memberium provides for this.  The shortcodes enable you to build a self-service panel so parents can manage their users.
  2. Part 2 shows how to configure the Memberium Parent Child accounts in Wordpress and Infusionsoft, including the tagging, actions sets and campaigns that make it all work.
  3. Part 3 review the Memberium parent child account shortcodes for building the parent's My Accounts page for managing their child members.

If you are not familiar with Memberium Parent Child accounts, it's an additional to Memberium that enabless you to provide a self-service interface parent members can use to give other members access.   The Memberium interfaces gives you a lot of flexibility.  In the example I use, I provide both the parent and the child the same access to content.  The interface allows you to make them different so parents can be assigned access to content different from that of the child members.

A key feature of Parent Child accounts is that when a parent's access goes away, so does that child's.  So for example if a parent fails to pay their membership, the lose access and so do all child members they allowed in.

This seems obvious, but prior to the release of this feature, this required some API work to make it happen.

Video 1

You can click here to view part 2 of this video series.

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