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How Much Will Infusionsoft Cost Me?

Infusionsoft pricing is very straight forward. Infusionsoft comes in several different flavors providing you with either a subset or the complete set features provided by the service.  You can expect to pay from $199 to $300 monthly for Infusionsoft itself.  The exact price will depend upon the exact features you want included.

The two main features are the opportunity management with sales related features and the e-commerce module which include the shopping cart, merchant card processing and ordering features.

There is an upfront $1,999 Kickstart you'll pay when first purchasing Infusionsoft.  I've seen Infusionsoft discount this as much at $990.

Total Cost of Owning Infusionsoft

When discussing the true cost of Infusionsoft, it's important to understand that owning Infusionsoft and making the most of it requires getting access to the resources and talent needed to get it working right for you. Many Infusionsoft users opt to tackle learning Infusionsoft solo. My advice is that even if you are very technical and familiar with online marketing, you need access to someone that knows Infusionsoft, can advise you on best practices and can provide you with guidance based upon their experience working with clients successfully.

When I started using Infusionsoft three years ago, I joined an Infusionsoft Elite Mastermind group run by Bob Britton, Grant James and Micah Mitchell.  This trio provided me with guidance, advice and access to what they knew worked and didn't work. Do keep in mind that I am a highly experience software engineer with over 15 years of web development experience at that point. I could not have learned how to put Infusionsoft to use in my business and in my customer's quickly without this team helping me. It was priceless for bypassing the learning curve I would faced using trial and error experimentation to learn it.

So the real cost of using Infusionsoft is that initial and possibly ongoing cost required to get solutions implemented, acquire the learning necessary to use Infusionsoft effectively and efficiently so you can consistently release effective campaigns, measure progress and build up what has worked in prior phases.

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