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Incredibly Powerful Website Package

A complete Internet solution for generating leads and MAKING YOU MONEY

"This is the solution I think every small business owner should have. It's a no brainer for growing your business." says Larry Jacob. You can click here to download and read Larry's "Incredibly Powerful Website" e-book for the concepts behind this solution and how it can help you:

  • generate leads,
  • increase sales and
  • grow you business.

This solutions combines our:

packages and adds the following additional features:

Internet Marketing Strategy and Planning

  • A discussion on your intended target audience to document recommended article topics for reaching that audience.
  • Researching competing, complementary and industry-specific sites to identify guest blogging opportunities.  This is also a great help for generating ideas for new articles.
  • Recommending 3 article distribution sites most appropriate for the topics being covered (i.e.,,,
  • Recommending 5 LinkedIn groups appropriate for the topics being covered.
  • Recommending 2 social bookmarking site (i.e.,, Digg, Buzz) appropriate for the topics being covered.

Content Management and Promotional Activities

  • Posting and formatting all up to 2 client written articles per week
  • Posting 2 articles a week to 3 article distribution sites
  • Promoting each article via 2 social bookmarking sites per week
  • Promoting each article title with a link back to each article 3 times over several weeks to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. (We are currently developing a Google+ solutions which will be incorporated into this package.)

Social Media Follower Building

  • Building Twitter to 1,000 qualified followers over first six months
  • Building LinkedIn connections to members of groups appropriate to topics being covered.  Minimum 150 total connection over the first six months

Additional Campaign Activities

  • Identifying guest-posting opportunities for client written articles.
  • Review of weekly site traffic statistics to identify keywords and phrases for future articles to drive search engine traffic
  • Contacting list analysis for segmentation and recommendations for future lead generation email campaigns

Campaign will include a monthly reportproviding the following:

  • Google Analytics and WordPress Stats traffic overview
  • High performing keywords related traffic information for previous 7, 30 and 90 days
  • Search engine page rank scoring
  • Email contact list count
  • Twitter follower count
  • LinkedIn follower count