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The Powerfully Explosive Package

A comprehensive package providing website and promotional services for making the best of what the Internet has to offer – This delivers a custom built WordPress site with the strategic planning, design, copywriting, graphic art and promotional activities such as email, social media, article marketing. Together, these powerful tools market your business using the best the Internet has to offer.

This package includes all features included in the Conquer the World Package plus:

Internet Marketing Strategy and Planning

  • Discussing target audience and document recommended article topics for reaching that audience.
  • Researching competing, complementary and industry-specific sites to identify guest blogging opportunities and help with ideas for new articles.
  • Recommending 3 article distribution sites most appropriate for the topics being covered (i.e.,,,
  • Recommending 5 LinkedIn groups appropriate for the topics being covered.
  • Recommending 2 social bookmarking site (i.e.,, Digg, Buzz) appropriate for the topics being covered.
  • Providing copywriting for introductory email message to new contacts.

Outbound Email and List Building Activities

  • Manually entering 20 to 30 business cards per week emailing out predefined welcome messages with double opt-in message for monthly newsletter.  Message would also include an invitation to connect via Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Sending out 1 to 3 topic related emails featuring top articles from the blog manually entered and double opt-in contacts.  (We recommend against using a newsletter format and instead make the message appear as if it had been sent using your regular email service.)

Content Management and Promotional Activities

  • Posting and formatting up to 2 client written articles per week
  • Posting 2 articles to 3 article distribution sites per week
  • Promoting each article via 2 social bookmarking sites per week
  • Promoting each article title with a link back to each article 3 times over several weeks to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Social Media Follower Building

  • Building Twitter to 1,000 qualified followers over first six months
  • Building LinkedIn connections to members of groups appropriate to topics being covered.  Minimum 150 total over first six months

Additional Campaign Activities

  • Identifying guest-posting opportunities for client written articles.
  • Review of weekly site traffic statistics to identify keywords and phrases for future articles to drive search engine traffic.
  • Contacting list analysis for segmentation and recommendations for future lead generation email campaigns

Campaign will include a report every two weeks providing the following:

  • Google Analytics and WordPress Stats traffic overview
  • High performing keywords related traffic information for previous 7, 30 and 90 days
  • Search engine page rank scoring
  • Email contact list count
  • Twitter follower count
  • LinkedIn follower count