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InfusionCon 2011 Day 2: I’m Committed

You remember the story of the chicken and pig.  Both are involved in producing my delicious bacon and egg breakfast, but there's a big difference.  The chicken makes a considerable contribution ; the pig's committed.

I flew in Monday from my tropical Miami hometown anticipating all InfusionCon could teach me about the Infusionsoft system that's slowly becoming my addiction. If you read yesterday's post, you know I discovered some valuable tokens of knowledge day one from Jason Porter and Michael Blast. See that one for the details.

InfusionCon Day 2 started with presentations by the three Ultimate Marketers candidates.  Very illuminating.  It verified that there are few limits to what you can accomplish with Infusionsoft.

But then the day spiraled downward.  I laughed to myself when I visited the main hall towards the day's end and observed the tree killing paper piles touting presenter's silver bullet solution "but if you buy now never to be repeated spectacular value offer for explosive growth in your business" flyers that were left behind.  A bit too much hype for my taste.

I've read Brian Tracy's books and figured it was only more of the rah-rah so I paid another visit to the expert room.  I took on another 20 minute dose of one of their experts.  This time I got bearded Mark (I think that was his name) and his passion for telling all about the crooks and crannies I never new existed in the product.  We went over on our 20 minutes time limit, but it was Mark's fault not mine.

I did discover of Micah Mitchell's InfusionWP product, which is a critical component I've needed in the past to provide the needed connectivity between my beloved Wordpress platform and the Infusionsoft features I've ben force to implement until now using substandard alternatives.

All good contributions.

So I pulled out this ticket I got the day before a walked across the enormous Arizona Biltmore campus to what I though would be another rah-rah mixer.  If figured maybe I could get some free drinks, some munchies for my empty stomach.  It seemed like a good alternative to watching TV in my hotel room alone.   Nothing of the sort.  Not even food and drink.

For the next several hours (like I wasn't tired enough from the long day and 3 hour time zone difference), I hear Greg Grant, Micah Mitchell and Bob Britton.  "What are these guys pitching?" I thought.  Three times during the presentation I planned my escape, but the room layout just wouldn't let it happen.

Then Bob Britton finally gets to the offer.  I braced myself - a Infusionsoft Mastermind group. "Hey their's a thought."  Given how hungry I was, I actually left the room and almost made it to the Taco Bell nearby, but the rental car steered itself around.  After a quick chat with the wife for her thumbs up, I turn right back around double parked and signed myself up.  Then without an ounce in my stomach I sat through another hour plus of the group fledgling group's business growing activities.

These guys know there stuff.  I was already convinced I needed Micah's InfusionWP plugin.  That lent a lot of credibility to this dynamic tree.  Greg Grant, the list man, had list access like I've never seen. And Bob Britton has the smarts as proven by his Ultimate Marketer title.

So I've gone to the other side.  I'm committed.  I'm in this for good.  I'll keep you posted on all this is doing to grow my world.

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