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Infusionsoft and iMember360 Membership Soluton for Ministry Ventures

Infusionsoft combined Wordpress membership plugin iMember360 makes for a powerful platform supporting some really nice membership site features. In December 2014, the Larry Jacob team and I had a great time releasing the sixth major membership site for the year. This one was Ministry Venture's own Ministry Ventures Online. Take a look at The site is a testament to how well suited Infusionsoft with the Wordpress membership plugin iMember360 is for building these solutions.

Ministry Ventures is a faith-based organization dedicated to educating other faith-based organizations and non-profits on concepts that enable them to grow and succeed at meeting their goals. Their program includes training on business models, fundraising, board development, prayer and administrative topics.

Traditionally, Ministry Ventures has provided their programs via in-person workshops and retreats. They have had great success, but that format only allows for organizations that can afford the time and expense required for attending in-person training. This new online option enables them to offer their services to a much broader audience. If you have the Internet nearby, you have access. And with a monthly pay option, the program is extremely affordable.

The site publishes the organization's six programs, all focused on sharing best practices. Each course consists of nine modules so they publish 45 individual modules in all. You gain access to the material via an Infusionsoft controlled password protected login. iMember360 does the connecting between Infusionsoft and Wordpress. You gain access by purchasing the program using Infusionsoft order forms. They offer a 7-day free trial that enables members to sample content from their six different courses. It then uses Infusionsoft email campaigns to educate new members on the content that's available all the while encouraging them to commit to the program.

As is standard for our Infusionsoft / iMember360 membership sites, our team builds an administrative web form Ministry Ventures team members can easily manage member access without having to resorts to manually assigning Infusionsoft tags. These interfaces make managing the business aspects of the solution straight-forward to use.  This makes it so anyone with even minimal Infusionsoft knowledge can run the system.

Ministry Ventures is happy with the solution. The Larry Jacob team and I are proud to have authored yet another well developed solution.

Let us know how we can help you with your Infusionsoft membership site needs.

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