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Infusionsoft Membership Sites and Fortapay: A Beautiful Pairing

A few years back, I discovered Fortapay at one of Infusionsoft's ICON user conferences.  I liked is so much, we now use Fortapay for taking payments from our clients.  We create the invoice in Infusionsoft and send customers a Fortapay link.  It provides an elegant interface while still taking payments using Infusionsoft.

We have also adopted it as an option for building a My Accounts page on our Infusionsoft membership sites.  Infusionsoft membership site platforms like Memberium have shortcodes that work just fine and the teams that develop those shortcodes are constantly improving on what you can do with them.

Fortapay does give us the ability to create an elegant interface without having to work very hard.  It provides features so members can:

  • review their past invoices,
  • update the credit cards,
  • review and update their subscriptions and
  • update their passwords.

Configuring Fortapay

The following video shows the steps our team uses to configure Fortapay.  Fortapay has some really good tutorials.  It does provide a lot of options and these videos here show how we configure it when we make use of it.

Sending People Links to Update Credit Card

If you want to email someone a link to their Fortapay "My Accounts" page, you make use of links Fortapay provides to you. This is a good way to send someone who hasn't paid their bill and is currently locked out of their membership site. You can send them this link and it enables them to go right in and update their payment information.

This video show you how to do that.

A Fortapay My Accounts Page

Build the My Accounts page on a membership site using Memberium involves providing a link for accessing the Fortapay portal. In this video we illustrate how we do it. You can take it one step further by using the Memberium short code memb_redirect and landing the member there when they click on the My Account page menu item.