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Make Unmatched Expert Ceviche (or something else) with Advice from Someone Who Knows

My wife and I are finishing up a 10 day cleanse diet today.  That meant eating a lot fish and no chicken, pork or beef.  By Saturday, we were fished out.  My wife's a great cook, but even with her creativity the fish thing was getting old.

We dropped by my daughter and son-in-law's.  They're our family foodies and in passing we thought to task them what to do.  "Ceviche!" they said.  "Ceviche? That's interesting," I thought.  I would have never thought of that.  A quick trip to Costco for some fish and lime a few hours we were eating fish a very different way. It was so good I had leftovers for breakfast the next morning.

This got me thinking.  How often do I see people (myself included) doing stuff when we really should be turning to an expert.  We see it all the time in our membership site building clients.  They come to us after taking the do-it-yourself route wanting guidance to get it finished.  Often times, the implementation is OK, but they approach or design they took was off and now you have to start all over from scratch.  It's a waste of time no business owner has.

That say it takes 10,000 hours working something before you are a true expert.  That's about 5 years.  We've been at these membership sites over 5 years and like the Farmer's Insurance guy says, "We've seen a thing or two."  When messing with membership sites and Infusionsoft, we can provide solutions and support that someone just starting just cannot envision.  It's like my wife and I with fish compared to our foodies.

In my video, I review thing on our business owner to-do lists that we really should be delegating out. Doing it ourselves is a waste of time and will likely lead to it getting done in ways that aren't going to get us the benefits we would get if we brought in the "big guns."  Watch it and share in the comments what you think.