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Infusionsoft Tutorial: OptimizePress for a Very Nice Membership Site Solution

Here's an Infusionsoft video tutorial on using Infusionsoft and OptimizePress together to build a membership site that auto drips content to members over time.  OptimizePress has always included a lesser known membership solution as part of its 1.0 product.  With the release of OptimizePress 2.0, they have taken it a step further and provided a solution that should be more than adequate for users wanting a simple solution, but it's not a restricted solution.  It has a lot of good features.

If you need more advanced solution, one making use of Infusionsoft and iMember360 might be a better combination, but  the features provided by Infusionsoft and OptimizePress 2.0 are good enough for a large number of my clients.

Special Note:  I've build several sites using Infusionsoft and Memberium in the past 9 months.  This is a nice alternative to iMember360.  The business has a good following of client and our experience using the solution has been very positive.

The Infusionsoft / OptimizePress video tutorial below illustrates how to configure an Infusionsoft campaign to create users in the Wordpress site.  It includes examples of HTTP posts used by the campaign to create a user in the Wordpress site and to slowly release content or auto drip content to members.  It includes how to send customized welcome messages with member credentials so they can begin consuming your valuable content as soon as they make their purchase or are given access.

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