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Infusionsoft Shopping Cart Tutorial: Payment Plans with a Larger Upfront Deposit

Infusionsoft experts struggle with the Infusionsoft shopping cart limitations. Since Infusionsoft has gotten so popular, people have placed demands on the Infusionsoft E-Commerce feature requesting features the development team haven't implemented yet. You can't do everything you may want to do, but the Infusionsoft E-Commerce shopping cart, order forms combined with the Infusionsoft promotions features do a lot more than you might think.

If you want to create a payment plan that includes an up front deposit that is larger than the monthly payment you will charge, the standard Infusionsoft product subscription won't help you. It only allows for even payments of X months or weeks.

In this Infusionsoft tutorial, you'll see how you can create payment plans of uneven amounts. This isn't a standard feature for their subscription products, but making use of order forms and promotions, you can make that happen.

The tutorial is given by Infusionsoft consultant, Jorge Diaz from Larry Jacob Internet Marketing, illustrating all the steps required. You'll see a complete overview of how to create the two needed products, the order form that goes with it and the Infusionsoft e-commerce promotion to make it happen.

Hope this helps.

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