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Memberium Tutorial: Building Administrative Infusionsoft Campaigns

When building an Infusionsoft Memberium membership site, the administrative interfaces are critical.  You must make it easy and intuitive for your administrators to manage access.  This includes the access given automatically as members purchase the product, but just as important administratively so the customer service requests can be handled efficiently.

In this lesson, we provide Memberium lesson giving a step-by-step on configuring Infusionsoft to give and remove Memberium membership access.  The campaign is easy to follow, but likely more complicated than you would expect.  It's configured this way so it can be easily used by other Infusionsoft campaigns, web forms,  order form and the shopping cart to give access and provide the needed follow up.

This Infusionsoft Memberium campaign can be used for other platforms as well like iMember360.

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