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Infusionsoft Marketing with a Poor Message is No Marketing

Infusionsoft is a super tool.  60% of our business comes from customers needing help putting Infusionsoft to work in their business.  Business owners looking for Infusionsoft consulting,  Infusionsoft help or Infusionsoft virtual assistant services contact us and we get Infusionsoft configured to generate leads, identify new clients or automate key processes in their business.

Unfortunately, all the Infusionsoft in the world with a poorly crafted message can't help any business.  As a matter of fact, Infusionsoft used aggressively with a message that isn't clear or is confusing can help sink a business even faster than it would have otherwise.  More people find out  quickly that they don't "get it" or misunderstand what you do.

When we begin working with any business owner on a website, we very quickly ask the question,

"What are the three most important things you want prospects and clients to know about you?"

We want those three on the home page, in a slideshow shown prominently on the home page and we hope it makes it into your elevator speech.  It's the absolute most important thing both for the site and for your business.

It surprises me how often I run into business owners that can't quickly tell you what they do.  I'm only asking you to quickly know how to tell me the three most important things.  It  might be OK if you can't do this because you are in a niche business that appeals to a very specific audience.  But even then, you need to be able to articulate that message clearly to members of that tight knit group.

I do work for a great lady, Anne Freedman from Speakout, Inc. (Learn more about her at  Her business is dedicated to helping people give more effective presentations.  I was fortunate to be moderating her GoToWebinar I helped her promote (using Infusionsoft of course).  The topic was on developing an effective elevator speech.   While listening to her in between managing the presentation, taking questions via chat and moderating the discussion, I was taking notes.  I was rehearsing my elevator speech and perfecting my message.  I know how important it is.

Let me go over an example of these "three things" using my own company's message.  You'll find it on my site and on my business cards.  They are:

  1. Marketing Automation Strategy
  2. Infusionsoft Done-for-You Services
  3. Website Design and Development

Now these may not be clear to everyone.  Our team services the needs of Infusionsoft users.  If you don't know what Infusionsoft is, that's OK.  The people that search for our services online or learn that we offer these services are happy to find us.  There aren't a lot of team good Infusionsoft experts out there.

Marketing Automation is what they call Infusionsoft's industry.  It's made up of tools like Marketo, Eloqua and a few others on the high end.  Infusionsoft provides a marketing automation tool combined with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that services the needs of small business owners.  Like before, if you don't know what that is, I'm OK with that.  I target a niche audience and if you don't understand those terms, you aren't the audience for my message.

The final one is website design which everyone understands.  We build a lot of websites for business owners and we want to make sure everyone that runs into us knows we build them.  I also want the Marketing Automation and Infusionsoft users to know we can build them a website.  Developing Infusionsoft solutions very often requires a website refresh and here were are ready to do that for you.

Now just like other business owners, I do a lot of things.  Like I mentioned earlier, I moderate webinars as well as help conceptualize and promote them.  I don't list that prominently on my site, but will include that in customer conversations when it makes sense.

The point is that you want to focus on a specific target and if you can clearly display on your website and easily deliver it in your elevator speech, you are way ahead of a lot of other business owners out there.


Hope this helps.

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