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Infusionsoft iMember360 Tutorial: Building Administrative Campaigns for Giving and Removing Access

When building an Infusionsoft iMember360 membership site, you often leave administrative interfaces to the last minute. It's commonly done as an after thought.

Well those interfaces are critical. Your Infusionsoft users need an easy way to administer the solution. Setting and removing access tags is not the way to go.

You also want to build common sequences that can be used by both the forms used by your administrators and that used when people make purchases to improve the quality of your solutions. You can know that if it works for one, it will work for the other.

This Infusionsoft iMember360 campaign I illustrate in this tutorial will work just as well for Memberium sites. In the past six months, we have had a rash of requests from our customers needing help with their Memberium sites, The way access is granted by Infusionsoft campaigns is almost the same. So this tutorial will work for Infusionsoft users regardless of whether their site is built using iMember360 or Memberium.

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