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Infusionsoft Referral Partner Setup Is Easier Than You Think

Recently, I've had two customers ask me to set up Infusionsoft referral partner (or affiliate) programs for them.  I also saw several discussion in forums I follow asking for insight into setting up Infusionsoft referral partner programs.  Since I've recorded a few videos on this topic for training my team, I thought I'd share them to demystify an Infusionsoft feature many people think is more complicated that it really is.

What makes the Infusionsoft referral partner feature appear complicated is that it's feature rich.  In my opinion, its too feature rich for most.  It not only enables you to set up referral partners, but provides a portal referral partners can use to log in and:

  • track link hits,
  • see their accumulated referral partner commissions and
  • review promotional materials you provide to them.

Those are things you expect if you are a Clickbank experienced super affiliate.  It's nothing but overwhelming for a newbee wanting to email on your behalf.

In the video that follows, I describe the approach I recommend for getting affiliates signed up quickly requesting only a minimal information.  I ask them for some simple contact information and ask them for the referral partner code they add to the link they send their contacts.  This is what claims those referrals as theirs.  That's it.

I go with the assumption that the majority of your initial affiliates won't be getting paid much so the need to issue W-9's when paying them is minimal.  I hold off on gathering that information up front and ask for that information before making them their first payment.  That way you don't waste time collecting information you will never use and get it for motivated partners that are getting paid.

I also go with the assumption that your initial set of referral partners aren't expecting a log in area for getting their promotional material.  Most won't think to log into anything so I just provide them with sample email copy via an email I send them and a publicly available referral partner information web page.

I'd really appreciate your feedback on this.   Tell me how this information is valuable to you.

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