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Please, Please, Please Backup Your WordPress Site

Would you drive your car around town with no spare tire?  Would you drive it around with bald tires?  Would you drive your car well past the recommended 3,000 miles before getting an oil change?

You know you could do that and get away with it.  You may not get stranded without a spare.  You may not skid off the road.  You may not not blow your engine block.  But why would you take the risk?  The experts and common sense tell you it's not a good idea.  Why risk a good car engine, the inconvenience of being stranded without a spare and the dangers resulting from driving on bald tires?

At the same time, I see business owners do the equivalent with their websites.  They made the right decision taking on the Internet, Wordpress and Infusionsoft.  Maybe they've even implemented a membership site using a tool like iMember360 that runs so well with both Wordpress and Infusionsoft.  They are now promoting their business efficiently.

They have the right vision and are eagerly implementing away.  However many are missing some basics that if put in place can greatly eliminate the possibility of unwanted and possibly extended downtime.

One of these "basics" is properly backing up your Wordpress website.  You want to make it so if:

  1. a virus attacks your website,
  2. someone hacks your site or
  3. something goes wrong with your web hosting,

everything continues running with minimal interruptions.  The solution I highly recommend is Backup Buddy.  It's built by iThemes and our team install on our the sites we build and on all the sites managed by our virtual assistants  teams.  We want to make sure to minimize the effort it would take to restore a site from scratch should anything unexpected or undesirable happen.

In the video below, I provide a step-by-step for installing and configuring Backup Buddy.  If you watch it, you'll see it takes seven minutes to install and configure and that includes the time it took to do an actual site backup.

Honestly, it's like having brand new tires and a fresh oil change on your website and something NO ONE should be without.

backupbuddy_sidebaradI would highly recommend getting yourself a copy of Backup Buddy and installing it right away on your Wordpress site.  You can click here to purchase it using our affiliate link.  The extra pocket change comes in handy.  You can also get your copy if you have us help with your website or if you sign up for any of our virtual assistant packages.

Hope this advice keeps you running strong.

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