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Infusionsoft Marketing Coordinators: No Wooden Spoons Here

In Spanish we have this expression “En casa de herrero, cuchillo de palo.”  This roughly translates to, “In the blacksmith’s house they use knives of wood.”  I frequently run into people that don’t put their specialized skills to work for themselves.  It could be an auto mechanic that doesn’t check their oil or an under insured insurance agent.

It happens.

Well that’s not the case here.   Our team has a dedicated Internet Marketing Coordinator, one of the same coordinators that deliver Infusionsoft and Wordpress services to our customers, assigned to them running our Infusionsoft blog marketing campaign.

It’s a marketing exercise that's gotten us some nice results.  In the past three months, it's:

  • brought us one engagement with a new client we had never met,
  • landed us a deal with a prospect we had been chasing but had never worked with us before and
  • gotten us additional work from customers that hadn’t previous used our virtual assistant service.

Let me explain how this works for us.  I'm sure it’s something you can do whether you’re a skilled Infusionsoft user or not.

Right now I’ve committed myself to writing a two blog articles a month.  This is one of them.  I’m extremely busy, but I can carve out the time to write two articles on something we do around here.  If you go back though my blog, you'll see I:

  • write about something Internet marketing related that could be of help,
  • answer questions my customers have posted to me or
  • cover some aspect of a solution we’ve built for a customer.

My goal is to showcase our expertise and put on display something that helps a reader start thinking, “When I do something like this, I’m going to give this guy a call.”

As the subject matter expert, my job is to produce the article, come up with the headline and teaser copy and get the copy to Dee, our assigned Internet Marketing Coordinator.  That's it.

Dee takes over from there.  Here's what she does to promote the article.

Step 1.  She first reads the thing over and corrects my grammar and spelling mistakes.  You can be sure there are plenty of them, but with Dee looking it over, it will go with mistake free.

Step 2.  Dee posts the article on the Larry’s Blog page on our website.  That’s where we make our blog articles available so they are readily accessible to our audience.  It also triggers Google to index the new content so it comes up in the search engines.

Step 3.  She next begins promoting it via Infusionsoft email blasts.  She:

  • creates an Infusionsoft email template using the teaser copy I provided her,
  • includes a link to the new blog article so when people click on the email link we know they have an interest and
  • broadcasts the email message to everyone on my prospect and client list.

Step 4.  I’m active in several Infusionsoft Linkedin groups so I have her post the teaser with a link to the article in every single one of those groups so my followers see it.

Step 5.  Twitter is a great vehicle for distributing information and even though I don't have a huge following, she tweets it.  I get good reach because she tags my tweets with the #Infusionsoft hashtag which is followed by many of my potential customers.  Dee posts the teaser with a link back to the article.

Step 6.  We will soon begin syndicating these articles in and  Because search engines penalize you for publishing duplicate content on the web, Dee modifies the copy to some degree.  She changes it just enough to keep the general message the same, but enough that the search engines don’t consider it a duplicate.  Now anyone looking for content like mind can republish my article somewhere on the web with my bio on it with a link back to my site.

Step 7.  This is a very valuable step.  A few days after publishing the article, Dee collects the Infusionsoft email blast report and the Hootsuite short link statistics reports and tells me how we did.  This is something I typically don't do for lack of time.  Now that we have Dee assigned to it, she brings it to my attention so we can make adjustments where necessary to consistently increase the effectiveness of the overall campaign.

As you can see this is a straight-forward process and one that anyone with minimal technical knowledge can complete.  I will tell you this sort of work is tedious and not time well spent by "the business owner."  That's why I've delegated it one of our Marketing Coordinators and recommend you do too.

Just click here to contact us and see how this work for you.

It is a great way to showcase your talent, generate leads, build increase credibility /visibility, increase revenue and fuel the growth of your business.

Hope this helps!

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