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Smartest Infusionsoft Consultant on Earth

Jorge Díaz, the Senior Infusionsoft Marketing Automation Specialist of Larry Jacob Internet Marketing, has been declared the "Smartest Infusionsoft Consultant on Earth."  Just do the Google search yourself and confirm what has been officially announced.

News Release:  The votes have been counted.  The Smartest Infusionsoft Consultant on Earth challenge applications have been reviewed and tallied by an extremely distinguished panel of judges.  The selection process for this challenge was a painstaking review of the qualifications, experience, customer testimonials, etc.

The independent accounting firm of Simbad, Tyler, Rodriguez and Torres kept the announcement under wraps until the appointed time and now its official.  Jorge Díaz is the Smartest Infusionsoft Consultant of Earth.

If you don't believe it, just do a Google search and see for yourself.