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Infusionsoft Consultants Work Best as Partners

As an Infusionsoft consultant, you run into Infusionsoft users of all types. Some are Internet marketing newbies that caught the Infusionsoft bug. They are hungry for the lead generation opportunities they believe Infusionsoft can offer them and need help making it a reality.

Then there is another breed of Infusionsoft users. They are also Infusionsoft newbies but come with Internet marketing savvy. They have first-hand experience with Internet marketing and see Infusionsoft as a better vehicle for doing what they've done (or tried to do) before.

As an Infusionsoft consultant, I could position myself as the expert consultant handing down experience from the ivory tower. I'm the authority and could project a lofty, "I'm the expert and you're not" attitude. My relationship with my clients could be that of the guide taking them through the dark tunnel where they desperately cling to me praying I will get them to the other end safely.

Well IMHO, that's not the way it should work.

Marketing solutions are best designed and developed by a combination of skills. One skill set comes from the subject matter experts (SMEs in my consultant world geek speak). These come best from business owners who must know their market, prospect base and their buying habits very well, or no amount of online and offline marketing is going to do them any good. The other skill set comes from teams like ours that understand Infusionsoft and Internet marketing best practices from years of learning and gaining practical experience working on client projects.

So my preference, whether my client is Internet marketing experienced or not, is to approach projects with my client and I as equals. I'm less of "the guide" and more of "a facilitator." Sure when it comes to developing an Infusionsoft campaign, it's my team and I leading the way. But when it comes to the most important part which is building the client's value proposition and coming up with effective ways of presenting a message that resonates with the client, that's a job that requires the best our combined skills can offer.

I take jobs where the client says, "Take this and do it for me." It's a complete outsource and delegation of the work. But the absolute most rewarding and usually most successful campaigns are ones where we work as partners. The two sides with two diverse sets of skills:

  • participate in some interactive, lively, and sometimes LOUD brainstorming sessions,
  • serve as sounding boards for each other’s ideas,
  • combine the best of what each side has to offer, and
  • join forces to build solutions which are much more complete than what either side could have delivered without the other.

Hope this helps.

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