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When Infusionsoft Consultants and Client’s Work as Partners, Marketing Genius is Born!

During the years I’ve worked as an Infusionsoft expert consultant, I have worked with Infusionsoft users of all types and experiences. Some are brand new to their business or just starting to consider Internet marketing. These people may not know how to develop a successful online marketing strategy but they know that Infusionsoft offers great potential for lead generation and sales opportunities.

The second group of Infusionsoft users I typically run into are the experienced marketers that are hungry for more. They have been-there-done-that and learned what works for them and their business. This type of user is looking to get all that they can out of their Infusionsoft automation and make their marketing strategies work better for their business.

When these client’s come to me for my Infusionsoft expertise, I could present myself as a know-it-all. Tell them that I am the expert and I know best. They would see me more as a guide through the dark tunnel of Infusionsoft marketing, clinging to me, hoping I will get them to the end successfully.

Well in my opinion, this is NOT how it should be!

I always appreciate my client’s experiences and expertise. The best marketing strategies are the result of many different skills, experiences, and knowledge bases all working together. The business owner knows their industry. They know their audience and what resonates with them—this is crucial.

My team offers knowledge of Infusionsoft and Internet marketing best practices. We have the practical know-how only gained from years of hands on experience. When we combine this skill set with the business owner’s expertise, marketing genius is born.

So no matter the level of marketing experience the customer has, I always like to establish myself and my client as equals. Sure, when it comes to developing the Infusionsoft campaign, we lead the way. But the role is reversed when we fill the campaigns with engaging content that speaks to their audience.

This is not to say that I don’t take jobs where the client want me to develop the entire marketing campaign for them. I am just here to say that after years of experience, the most successful campaigns are the ones where my client and I work as partners. Both sides benefit from:

  • LOUD brainstorming sessions where get all of our ideas out,
  • bouncing ideas off one another as the project develops,
  • combing our expertise to create brilliant campaigns that resonate with the target audience, and
  • building complete solutions that are much more effective than either side could have created on their own.

Hope you find this useful.