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Infusionsoft & Evergreen Webinar Marketing: Keep It Really Simple

I’ve used systems like Infusionsoft, Evergreen Business Solutions, Stealth Seminar, GoToWebinar, Instant Teleseminar and a load of other tools.  My team and I have developed some very successful marketing campaigns for our clients.  I highly recommend solutions that make use of these tools  to clients and work with the Infusinosoft Expert knowledge we've developed to orchestrate how they work together to deliver results for our clients.

What is it I have learned that I can share with you?


Please note the capitalization, bold font and exclamation point.

Trying to automate and connect a complex set of tools together without proving your assumptions can be a HUGE waste of your money and delays getting to the leads you want.  And that's the whole point of doing all this in the first place, right?

So here's a better alternative.  Start by placing a high priority on generating leads, even if it involves manual steps, while collecting information you'll need later to fully automate things.

What I have done when taking this approach is to start off with a tool like GoToWebinar. That's the tool I've been using a while and feel most comfortable using.   I have customers that use Instant Teleseminar and Evergreen Business Solution's Live Webinar Module and they've been happy with it.  Exactly which tool you use is less important than you might think.

Keep it simple.  I create an registration webpage using an Infusionsoft Campaign Builder web forms and send GoToMeeting a post via Fix Your Funnel which has a feature designed to do just that.  My preference in the name of simplicity is to let GoToMeeting do the notifications so you don't even need to work on Infusionsoft integration.

The key here is to run a live webinar, generate leads and record it for use later.  The downside is you have to be present every time, but we'll get to that in a moment.

My process goes like this:

  • Run several live webinars making sure to record them for review and use later.  It doesn't matter that no one attends webinar.  If you weren't recording the sessions for use later, you wouldn't run it.  But since you've already prepared and blocked off the time on your calendar, you do it.  (BTW, if no one is attending, that's a good thing.  Better to know you have an attendance issue now when you haven't invested much time and money than to sink in a ton of resources and find out later your webinar's a dud.)
  • Take the best of these recordings and use something like Camtasia to get rid of the dead air, excessive use of "you knows" and to clean up things that you'd prefer not to air again. You can even splice together a few of your live webinars and come up with the best of the best you have.

So you might think that now is the time to automate.  Throw this all into Evergreen or Stealth Seminar and get going. Don't fall in to this temptation.

Instead, of heading down that path, create a webinar replay page.  This will take you no time at all to set up.  You build a simple Infusionsoft form on an opt in page promoting it as a webinar replay.  This should look like a simple squeeze page.  You are basically requiring people sign up to view a web page that has the video sitting on it for them to watch.

This is very simple to build.

In order to figure out how long people are in your video, use Wistia.  You can use DialogR and a few other tools to do the same.  These and a few other tools have feature for tracking how long visitors watched your video.  Then use that information to decide how to respond based on how much time they gave your replay.

The key here is that you build your campaign a step at a time.  You minimize your investment along the way until you've proven you have something that works.  You avoid committing large amounts of time and money on ideas you haven't proven work.

Then when you have proven things out, you make the MAJOR commitment to get a solution requiring the automatin tools so you leverage Infusionsoft, Evergreen Business Solution, Stealth Seminar, etc. to offer an automated marketing solution that's been tested via your live webinars and it's sure to be a lot more successful than if you had started with the automated approach first.

Hope this helps.

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