What Can an Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant Do for You?

What Can a Virtual Assistant Do for You?

Website, Blog and Video Update Services

  • Update the content on your website so your clients and prospects ALWAYS see the most current information.
  • Publish blogs articles on your site so you consistently showcase your talent and specialization.
  • Edit and rewrite your blog articles and web content assuring a consistent writing voice and style for your business.  (Good grammar is a given.)
  • Rewrite your existing blog articles to widen search engine keyword / key phrase coverage while still appealing to human readers.
  • Republish blog articles (with copy updates to maximize search engine exposure) in article marketing sites like EzineArticles, ArticlesBase and others to reach a broader audience.
  • Promote blog articles on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others social media services so even more people see your content.
  • Assisting you in producing web optimized video content for showcasing your talents.
  • Posting video content on YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia to maximize your reach.

 Infusionsoft Update Services

  • Consistently enter new contacts into Infusionsoft account and assign them to introductory campaigns so you stay top-of-mind with them.
  • Updating long-term nurture sequences so you consistently showcase your talent and specialization to all your contacts.
  • Report of available Infusionsoft Analytics, Lead Sources and Lead Scoring information to assist in evaluation your sales pipeline and taking appropriate action.
  • Providing contacts interacting with your Infusionsoft campaigns with requested information and coordinating activities with sales teams responding to incoming leads.
  • Responding to tasks defined by Infusionsoft campaigns based upon defined processes and procedures.

Site Traffic Reporting and Improvement Services

  • Reporting of your Google Analytics, Jetpack WordPress Stats and other analytics sources providing you with information for improving site visitor traffic.
  • Reviewing targeted search engine keyword and phrases to provide insight on current search engine standings to improve site visitor traffic.
  • Provide input to writers on search engine keywords and phrases so future content can target areas where you can improve site visitor traffic.

Event Coordination and Support Services

  • Build target contact lists of driving event attendance. Build registration pages for easy event sign up and automated event reminder sequences.
  • Execute outbound email campaigns to drive event attendance.
  • Execute outbound telemarketing campaigns to drive event attendance
  • Coordinate responding to information requests from registered contacts.
  • Execute event reminder calling services encouraging registered contacts to attend.
  • Deliver name tags and registration attendance list to onsite event team.
  • Provide venue selection services and support.
  • Manage interaction between event sponsor, speakers, venues and other team member involvement.
  • Coordinate attendee follow up messages and “sorry we missed” you messages to those that sign up and fail to attend.
  • Provide analytical reporting and interpret results.
  • Manage attendee and no-show follow up work.

Telemarketing Services

  • Write telemarketing campaign scripts and provide turnkey outbound calling services aimed at specific goals.
  • Coordinate telemarketing, email and social media promotional activities as part of a single coordinated campaign.
  • Provide lead follow up campaigns in coordination with online sales work
  • Run social engineering campaigns to identify target customers and secure their contact information

Business Networking Support Services

  • Enter your business cards promptly into your database and schedule automated email sequences to introduce you and your business to new contacts.
  • Assign new contacts to campaign sequences based upon attributes defined by your team.
  • Identify contact interest levels based upon their interaction with your content and introduce those contacts into your sales pipeline.
  • Make use of varied systems, in addition to Infusionsoft like iContact, Aweber and MailChimp, to provide alternative approaches for reaching your audience

Video Production Services

  • Upload videos to YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia
  • Configure videos for playing right on web pages
  • Process / compress large videos for optimal web performance
  • Assure only authorized viewer can access video material
  • Reduce time necessary for publishing material to the Internet
  • Transcribe videos and make copy available on web pages along with video

Social Media and Article Marketing

  • Promote your blog posts on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin
  • Publish your articles on article marketing sites
  • Adjust article copy to maximize search engine optimization
  • Ezine Articles / ArticlesBase publishing


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