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Larry’s Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant (LIVA) Services

You are best suited for the tasks that make the best use of you talents.  You should look for ways to delegate tasks that can be assigned to lesser skilled and less expensive people that can do it for you.

Not dealing with these issues can be a huge blow to small business owners, their business and their employees.  The owner who's dream is to succeed becomes the biggest roadblock to moving the business forward

Many Infusionsoft users kick off some great Infusionsoft campaigns then start to sputter because they don’t have the ongoing support they need to keep their initial campaigns going.

Others get the Infusionsoft vision and all the benefits it can bring to their business, but don’t have time to simply add new contacts into the system, assign them to the right follow up sequences and review reports showing them where a contact is in their sales pipeline.

Others know exactly what to do, do those tasks just fine, but it takes up so much of their time they don’t have time to do other things they need done in order run their business. It’s the typical small business owner’s dilemma.

Larry's Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant or LIVA service gets you access to trained Infusionsoft Virtual Assistants that understand how to use Infusionsoft well and the standards our own consultants consider best practices.

The result is you get someone on your team that gets Infusionsoft working so you get results.

Here’s how our engagements work:

  • We set you up with a monthly bank of hours starting at a minimum 20 hours a month.
  • We start off with a one-hour GoToMeeting meeting with both your LIVA and your assigned Infusionsoft consultant to discuss your needs. (This meeting is provided for free of charge not tapping into your block of hours.)
  • Your LIVA goes to work for you.

It’s that simple. After that, your LIVA takes care of the Infusionsoft tasks that you need done and they’re available via phone call, email, Skype or GoToMeeting to take care of things for you.

Click right here and one of our team members will get right back to you.