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Email Marketing & Lead Generation Programs

Nothing beats email for cost effective promotion of your small business. It's the perfect way to showcase the skills, talents and services you offer. With the right tools, and we highly recommend InfusionSoft, it offers you the opportunity to establish and nurture relationships (yes very real relationships) for identifying interested buyers for your sales pipeline.

We can help you define an approach for identifying:

  • the eager and ready buyer,
  • the one that's interested in what you provide but needs some education, encouragement and time before they buy and
  • the tire kickers who you want to make sure to give the proper attention but not so much that they distract you from your top prospects.

As much as people complain about email, everybody's on it and everybody uses constantly. At Larry Jacob Internet Group we've developed expertise in list development (all compliant with applicable CAN-SPAM Act laws) and the strategies / techniques that work for getting your message to potential customers and nourishing a strong following.

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