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Speakout’s New Site Message? “I’ve Got the Expertise You Need!”

With the launch of a new client website, Larry Jacob Internet Group's first project of the New Year is up and running.  The new Speakout, Inc. site and its supporting Infusionsoft campaigns are the perfect example of a small business using some affordable Internet tools and techniques to increase visibility and reach a larger audience.

The solution:

  • Promotes Anne and  Speakout’s expertise,
  • Identifies potential customers interested in their products and services and
  • Helps convert those interest prospects into paying customers.

Speakout provides a full range of private and corporate communication and training programs. It specializes in helping people create and deliver powerful, effective messages for internal, sales, industry, fundraising and networking presentations. Additionally, the company works with teams to develop stronger and more productive ways of communicating and resolving key issues.

The website promotes this message a number of ways.

  1. A sign up form appears on every page so people can get the Speakout Newsletter.
  2. A valuable free report “Top 8 Reasons Why Your Pitch Won’t Work” by Anne is also offered.
  3. It also makes her Getting More ‘Yes’! video available for purchase with its PayPal integration.

When the buttons for services are combined with the various offers and testimonials, Anne’s expertise is showcased so visitors can connect with problems Anne can solve for them.

Of course, we all know that people aren’t surfing the web signing up for people’s SPAM emails!  As cool as Speakout’s site is, people aren’t just going to do that.  But these site features serve as the landing pages for email, social media and other types of campaigns which are looking for potential customers.  Together, the sign-up features identify “the interested” so Anne’s team can do the proper follow up.  (And BTW, some of the follow up is done automatically by the system itself.)

Follow up is the key ingredient in Speakout’s campaign and Infusionsoft, a customer relationship management / email marketing tool, is a key ingredient.  You might call it a combined and Constant Contact priced and configured for small 4 to 20 person companies.

When users interact with Speakout emails or fill out forms on their site, they volunteer some information.  They're admitting that something about Anne’s expertise is of interest to them.

This approach identifies both the buyers that are ready to buy right away and, even more importantly, the ones that are interested, but not ready to buy just yet.  Over time, Infusionsoft helps Speakout and their expertise stay top of mind with these contact so when they're ready, Speakout’s their top choice.

And in case you are concerned, everything we’ve described here absolutely complies with the federal CAN-SPAM act.  There’s no funny business going on here.

Anne Freedman’s excited about the launch.  She told us,

“I’m really looking forward to the new positioning the website and these campaigns are giving us – and the results we expect this exciting project will bring. The new site features and layout are perfect for promoting Speakout and go hand-in-hand our re-branding campaign.   It’s all in place for finding new customers and growing the business.”

The Larry Jacob Internet Group is excited as well and eager to report on the results.  They expect Anne and Speakout to see strong  leads coming out of this program. What’s especially terrific here is this isn’t theoretical stuff!  Everything is measurable with an ROI Speakout and any small business can calculate to see how the results can apply to them.

If you're interested in learning more about this,  sign up to receive our "3 Website Tips That Guarantee You’ll Connect with Customers."   Just fill out the form at the top right of this page.

It's the best next step to take so you can put a Speakout-like solution set up to get the results you want for your business.

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