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Is a Memberium Online Course Ridiculous for Me?

My team and I work with experts.  These are typically consultants, coaches and speakers that have expert knowledge in their field. From these folks, I often get the question, "Should I be building an online course?"

These business owners usually deliver their services one-on-one or in person.  Their businesses are doing well using this model, but it doesn't leverage their time very well.  They are capped in what they can make because, as we all know, there are only so many hours in the day.

This is in direct conflict with people's ability to handle change.  I'll share with you a story about how difficult change can be in a moment.  I think we are all aware that when someone works a certain way, changing that even if it's something they really want to do, can be difficult.  Even if the evidence overwhelmingly supports taking a that step, everything internally, and maybe subconsciously. can be saying, "NO WAY!"

Let me give you the results of a study on change.

A research group took heart disease patients who were alive only because their surgeons opened them up and fixed something. They were patients that were overweight, not exercising and had poor eating habits.  They all had had a "come to Jesus moment" meaning they were listening attentively to their doctor's advice.

In this study, they told on set of patients to lose weight, eat better, and exercise. They were given the dire news. This wasn't a light threat.   They were told pretty much, "Change or die."

The results were surprising.  A full 90% of these people went right back to their previous ways 6 months later.  The did not improve their eating habits. They didn't lose weight.  They didn't start exercising.   The terrible scare they experienced was not enough to get them to change.

The took group two of patients that had gone through similar health issues.  What was different was that these people were enrolled in support groups. The were introduced to other people that had gone through similar experiences and were working together to change.

The results for this group were different.

78% of the people in this group made the change and stayed with the change.

What this experiment taught me is that people need a support group.  They need other people around them going through the same struggle working with them to help them make the transition.  That made a huge difference.

I'm where I am with my business because of a mastermind I joined back in 2011 when I started my business.  I'm currently in a mastermind called the Seven Figure Agency that I'm working with to launch a niche specific marketing offering to Family Law Attorneys.  I'll continue doing a lot of the my current work, but this mastermind is my way of learning and getting the support I need to launch a new offering that's drastically different from what we currently do.

Let me know what sort of masterminding you're doing and how that is helping you achieve your personal and business goals.  I'd love to hear from you.