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Promoting Your Business Using Simple Social Media and Email – Part 1

If you haven't noticed, I'm on social media a lot.  I do a lot of Facebook and LInkedin.  It's how I promote my business and the services we provide.  It goes along nicely with the email marketing we do too.   I publish blog articles and record video blogs.  People looking for the membership site services (Memberium is our sweet spot) my team and I provide.  They get educated.  We get business possibly from our audience.

Let me review for you how this works to:

  • keep me and my message in front of potential and actual customers needing my services,
  • have people I know introduce or refer me to the people they know, and
  • gets people thinking, "This guy knows his stuff.  I should hire him when I need something he provides."

You Never Can Underestimate the Power of Content

My marketing on social media and via email is about content.  Social media and email are the way I deliver or broadcast the content, but the most important part is the content.  I share stories my audience enjoys and appreciates.  It sets me up as a credible expert in my space.

Now I'm an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant.  My team and I at Larry Jacob Internet Marketing build marketing programs and build membership sites for business owners.  We are at our best working with at tool called Memberium which is ideal for building websites when users have Infusionsoft.

So what do I do?  I publishing articles and record videos to help out business owners that are considering building a membership program or online course for their business.  My customers ae typically speakers, coaches or consultants.  They specialize in a specific area of expertise.  They currently deliver their services in-person or one-on-one online.  Now they want to deliver their services via an online program of some sort.

I do all I can to get valuable content to these people.

So my advice to someone thinking about using social media or email marketing to promote their business must first get inside the head of their potential customers.  You then need to serve them.

My articles fall into one of three different categories:

  1. How-to articles explaining some aspect of membership sites and online courses.
  2. Small business advice.
  3. Resources for Infusionsoft users in general.

You should do something similar in your space.


How Do You Go About Doing This?

I write and release content on a schedule.  You can count on seeing 3 to 5 new articles from me a week.  (BTW, we ghost write for people if releasing this much content isn't for you.)   We spend a good amount of time on the headlines using tools that rate how likely people will be to click on it.  Then we have to get a nice image for it.

There are a few reason I deliver my articles as a blog.

  • It catches the attention of the search engines.  Google, Bing and Yahoo see my site as a resource in the Infusionsoft, Memberium, membership site building space.  They would favor something we release over someone that is not as familiar to them as an expert in this field.
  • If you're looking to get people opting in on your site by offering something they want for free (and you should BTW), a blog gets used as a research resource for people looking to learn from you.
  • A blog is a great way to archive your content and make it easy for people to review.

If you have a consistent flow of blog articles, your social media and email marketing become easy.  You have the content.  The headline gets shown on the social media post.  The headline becomes your email subject line.  The image then appears nicely, and as large as possible if you've selected your images right, on social media.

I use a tool I really like called CoSchedule.  You install it as a Wordpress plugin.  You post the article on your Wordpress blog allows you to schedule the article to go out to one or many of your social media feeds.  It supports a bunch of them.    I use it to post to Facebook and Linkedin mainly.

It's a super resource.

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