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Memberium and 3 Under Used Membership Sites Ideas for Promoting Your Business

Memberium is the right solution for a lot of people.  People typically think of a Memberium membership sites as the place to make their membership content available. It's where you send people to get the content they purchased.

Here's the thing.  Memberium membership sites can do so much more.  Read this article and learn how we recommend clients use membership sites to:

  • generate leads,
  • build their brand,
  • increase the number of referrals they get and
  • grow your business in general.

Take a look at these three ideas to consider.

Idea # 1: Delivering Your Lead Magnets

When someone visits a site built as part of a sales funnel, you typically see information pieces intended to attract the site's ideal prospect.  It usually takes the form of an e-book, a report, a white paper, or a video.  They are offering something of interest to get potential prospects to get the item and share with them their email address.

What we've been recommending is that you deliver the lead magnet to the requestor by sending them a link that automatically logs them into your Memberium membership site.  Memberium has powerful features for doing just that.  The prospect gets their lead magnet and everything else you want to share with them. You should be thinking up sell here.

We definitely recommend a set up where these non-paying members see a button, a badge or your course selection links just like the ones seem by your paying members.  You can grey them out or add a icon for a padlock.  What they get when they click on these items is a sales page where they can learn about all they could be getting should they decide to buy that content.

There's your chance to make the sale.

Idea # 2: Offer a New Client Wow Package

We recommend sending new clients a "Wow! Packages. "  It can be something simple like sending them a box of cookies, etc.  Another option is to use your Memberium membership site to provide them access to their schedule or project plan for the work they'll be getting.  You can introduce them to the team members assigned to their project.  You can offer them material addressing buyer's remorse.  You want to give them information confirming they made the right decision by hiring you.

People don't expect to be "wowed" when they buy something, but they really appreciate it when they are wowed.  This is a great way to get referrals.  People that get "wowed" are usually very happy to refer you.

Using a membership site to provide new clients this kind of information is an excellent way to put a membership site to work.

 Idea # 3: Hosting a Home Base Site and Forum

A feature I really like when I'm part of a program is a member forum.  It's not only a site where you get information about the program you purchase, but also a place to interact with others going through the same program with you.

Don't underestimate the value people place on meeting and interacting with other members doing business with you.  In many cases, more advanced members can share their stories with the newbies.   They can be the ones answering questions asked in the forum.  Before you know it, your members are taking on customer service work for you.

Hope this helps!