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Memberium: I Don’t Need a Membership Site…Do I?

Do I need a Memberium membership site for my business?  That's a really good question.  My answer is..."It depends."

I'm not coping out here.  Give me a chance.

One thing I know for sure is every business needs to decide how they will use the Internet to promote themselves.   Notice I don't say "if" they will use the Internet.  It's a must.  Every business owner MUST decide what approach they will take to use the Internet for:

  • growing revenue,
  • increasing client spend and
  • generating referrals from existing customers and contacts.

The Internet is available to everyone including your competitors.  They are out there looking to see how they will grow their business.  Believe me they won't be shy about taking business away from you if it enables them to grow theirs.

So how does a Memberium membership site fit into this formula?  At the very minimum, membership sites can  be used to deliver your lead magnets.  For those that are not familiar with that term, lead magnets are items you make available on the net of interest to your ideal prospect.  It can be an e-book, a report, a white paper.  I'm using more and more video for my content and I'm seeing more and more people on the net using video in their lead magnets.   The point is to get your audience to opt-in and get your lead magnet and in the process, give you their email address.

When someone requests your lead magnet, since you  just go their email, you can now begin to follow up with them.  You sendi them a sequence of email messages explaining what you do and establishing yourself as "the expert."  The goal is to build credibility.  You want people thinking, "This person knows there stuff."

The benefit of using a Memberium membership site for delivering your lead magnet is so you can gather information about them.  Using Memberium tools, you can easily tell when someone logs in, how long they stayed on the site and what pages they visited.

A Memberium site is a great way to on-board new clients.   You can use it to given them access to their schedule or project plan for the work they'll be getting.  You can provide them with bios or contact information for team members that will be working with them.  You can offer additional information familiarizing them with all you do.  Confidence building pieces like this can help address buyers remorse for those that might be second guessing their decision to hire you.

When purchases from anyone, they don't expect to be wowed, but what is there response if they are wowed.  They tell there friends.  They get the word out.  This becomes an excellent source of referrals.

Using a Memberium membership site to provide new clients this kind of information is an excellent way to put a Memberiumsite to work.  And like I said earlier, you can closely monitor what these new clients do and make something from that.

Click here for another article I've written explaining what you can track to get the most out of the members visiting  your membership site.

Hope this helps!