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Memberium and 3 Membership Site Creeping Tactics for Maximizing Up Sales and Retention

Way, way back, you could easily creep people out.  When they called you on the phone, you could greet them saying their first name before they told you who it was.  This was really weird back in the days when caller id was just coming available.

It's crazy what you can know about people when they visit your Memberium membership site.  It's super easy to see the last time a member logged in.  You can see how long a member stayed logged into your site.   You can track each and every page they visit, how long they've watched a video and what areas of your site contain the videos they most like.

Here are three possible creeping idea anyone with with a Membrerium membership site can use for:

  • identifying members that are ripe for buying something else,
  • revealing those that are less engaged and getting ready to leave your program and
  •  learning who are potential referral sources for your business.

Creeping Idea #1: First login and course completion

I heard an expert once say in their presentation at a Memberium Summit.  He said it was key for their members to log into their membership site within a few days of making their purchase. That simple first step drastically improved their chances of finishing the entire program.   He went on to say that if they could get members to complete the first module, it significantly increased in their chances of completing all ten of the modules making up the course.

So what did they do.  They hired an intern to call members that had not logged in yet.  It was scripted like a welcome call that included a question, "Have you had any issues logging into the site?"  The interns job was to get them to login while they had the person on the phone then they showed them a few things in the site.

You have to calculate your ROI on taking an approach like this, but if you know your numbers well, making small investments like this could make a big difference.

Creeping Idea #2: Progress updates

As members go through your course content, you can provide them their progress versus others taking your program.  If you know the most successful members take two weeks to finish a section of your course, you can show them how they campare against others taking the same course.  Some examples of what you can do are:

  1. Congratulating them for progressing along quickly.  Tell them them they are beating the average.
  2. Pointing out that members running at their current pace don't reap the biggest benefits from your program.
  3. Offering a call or some other form of help to those falling behind.

Keep in mind that people purchase something in hopes of getting some expected benefit.  If they don't get that, they will either quit or lose interest is what you have to offer.  This means you will likely lose their business AND any potential referrals they would have been happy to give you.  Don't underestimate the full impact of losing a customer.

Creeping Idea #3: Identifying areas of interest

You can use Memberium membership site features to track a member's preference for information.  You can tell if they are going for a specific type of content or like a certain part of your site.   Once you know what their preference is based on their behavior, you can present to them an up sell offer on something base on what their behavior has revealed.  If they spend a lot of time viewing information on injury prevention on a workout site, you can send them an offer on physical training or coaching services aimed at preventing injuries.

Creeping sounds negative.  People feel like they have had their privacy breached.  It's like they feel threatened.  But using information you know about your members, and as I've showed here, has a lot of benefits.  It better enables you to meet your customers needs and that's good for both of you.

Let me know how this applies to what you doing or needing to do on your site.