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Memberium I Got. Do I Need LearnDash Too?

We get clients all the time that request our help building Memberium website for their online courses.  Then they ask us about LearnDash or say, "Oh and I need LearnDash too."

We've been building membership sites for making courses available online way before LearnDash was available.  Before LearnDash, we would use the Memberium provided shortcodes to auto drip content and open up sections of content to meet our client's needs.  When Memberium added their integration with LearnDash, business owners got new function that was partially redundant with what you could do with Memberium alone.  Then they added a lot of really nice features to simplify building these online courses and to add features you couldn't do without a real learn management system (LMS).

In David Bullock's article, "Do You Need a Learning Management System?" he gives an overview of the Memberium supported learning management systems.  It provides a good (and short) overview of what you can do with Memberium alone and what things to consider so you make the right LMS choice for your project.