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Podcast / Webinar Consulting

Using the Power of Video in Ways You Never Thought Possible

People love visuals.  They love to hear a message instead of reading it.  Why do you think services like YouTube and iTunes are exploding in popularity?

At Larry Jacob Internet Group we understand video and audio and how to put them to work for promoting your small business on the Internet.

We can help you:

  • start with a simple audio or video podcast,
  • insert video messages into your website to make it easy for your visitor to "get" your offer,
  • run a live webinar with moderator and all so you can present and interact with prospects to explain products and services,
  • make your webinar recordings available on your website or blog so they are available for anyone interested in your offerings and
  • use a combination of these and other Internet mediums to generate business.

And you'd be surprised at how affordable these solutions have become compared to the prices you would have found just a few years back.