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Low Cost Lead Generation and Efficiency Improvements You MUST Use

Small business owners face a huge challenged.  There aren't enough hours in the day.  They have to make the sale, deliver their products and services, collect, generate more business and keep up with all the details.  It's so easy to get overrun and overwhelmed by the minutia that seems to suck  productivity out of you.

At Larry Jacob Internet Group we understand the importance of staying focused and have developed automated solutions for things many business owners know needs to get done, but often doesn't.

For example, we can help you automate:

  • sending out introductory emails after first meeting a contact,
  • sending out information packets to customer interested in learning more about your products,
  • following up with new customers asking them for feedback and referrals,
  • customer service requests so you look more responsive to customer requests than you ever dreamed and
  • customer follow up messages including delivering voice mail messages with your voice on it, postcards and gifts.

This is only an example of what can be done.  Many of these solutions are made possible by the expertise we've developed using InfusionSoft.  Larry Jacob Internet is a registered business partner and can help you put the power of the valuable to work for you.

Give us a call and we'll have one of our reps share with you what we've done for other small business owners and how that might be a huge help to you.