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Replay of our SEO for Small Business Webinar

I get a good amount of business here at Larry Jacob Internet Marketing from people searching for key terms like:

  • "Infusionsoft expert,"
  • "Infusionsoft help,"
  • "Infusionsoft consultant,"
  • "iMember360" and
  • other related terms.

People run a search on Google, they arrive on our website and they contact us via phone or email.  It's a simple and consistent sales process that accounts for 30% of our business.

Many of my own customers ask me about using SEO for their business.  They want to know if this is something they should consider.  To help address these questions,  I hosted a webinar with John Kriney of OptFirst as my guest.  SEO is it's own area of Internet marketing specialization.  I rely on John and his team for all my SEO needs.  I recommend them to all my own clients needing SEO help.

In the webinar, we go over the 8 steps from John's book, "The 8 Step SEO Plan."  The 45 minutes are definitely worthwhile for deciding how SEO can work in your business.


NOTE:  We are sorry, but this video is no longer available.


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