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Webinar Marketing and Implementation

Evergreen Business System, Stealth Seminar, GoToMeeting...
We know them all.

Mike Filsaime and his team have developed a super automated webinar solution called Evergreen Business System.   Geoff Ronning has developed Stealth Seminar.  Both are VERY nicely integrated with Infusionsoft.  Who would have thought that you could fully simulate a live webinar and have people think you are on the other side?   These tools provide all the automated webinar features you could think to use.

While you are off doing something else (hopefully fun), these tools are:

  • registering prospects and/or customers for your webinar,
  • broadcasting the pre-recorded webinar video for you,
  • showcasing your expertise, product features, whatever you like to your audience and
  • making you look like you are the rock star marketer.

Evergreen Business System and Stealth Seminar, especially when integrated with Infusionsoft, are a super solution and we have developed extensive expertise using them.

Now you don't have to automatically go to using these sorts of tools.  If you read our blog article entitled "Evergreen Webinar Marketing: Smart, Simple and on a Shoestring," you'll be able to see the stages I recommend you run when launching a webinar marketing campaign.   Using tools like Evergreen Business System and Stealth Seminar are only a part of that approach, but there are other steps you should consider taking.

The complete solution involves using a tool like GoToMeeting, Instant Teleseminar or event Evergreen's Live Solution to test drive your webinar presentation. Perfecting a webinar presentation can be hard work. We've been through that and have helped many of our customers start simple, measure their results and arrive at high converting webinars.

Our team can provide you with:

  • Evergreen / Infusionsoft Implementation Services
  • Stealth Seminar / Infusionsoft Implementation Services
  • Webinar Marketing Consulting
  • Video Production Assistance
  • Webinar Interviewer and Facilitator Services (meaning we are on the webinar with you as an interviewer facilitating the experience you provide to your customers)

This can be a cost effective and highly productive marketing approach for your business and we are experienced and walking you through to what could be a big money maker for you.