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Why Is It My Course Won’t Sell?


You know what you teach and consult perfectly. You use it every day in your business. Customers rave about how great it is working with you, but the online version of what works perfectly in-person FAILS miserably.

I've learned a few things building 3 to 4 membership sites a month. I've learned what is it people want when they look to learn something from an expert. It isn't something that's obvious to the person that is knows their material super well. It's like you get contaminated because you know what you know so well. It's a blind spot.

So I'm offering a 45 minute FREE call with me to answer your question, "Why is it my course won't sell?"  We get on a call. We go over what it is you are doing. I share with you my insight (it's at no charge like I said) and give you my recommendation for fixing what's broke.

There's no obligation. No commitment of any kind. Just email me at or call me at 305-815-5811 and we'll schedule at time that's convenient for you.  You can also click here to grab a spot on my calendar.