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CustomerHub: Can Membership Site Building Really Be Made Easy?

Defining Infusionsoft Success - Episode 82
Guest: Kyle Leavitt

CustomerHub has been purchased back by its original owners. The two Leavitt brothers who sold CustomerHub to Infusionsoft (now known as Keap) years back have taken their baby back. They are now sharing with us their plans for this Infusionsoft membrership site building solution.

They have said they are wanting to make it what 2019 entrepreneurs need for publishing their smarts as online course ware or membership programs so they can reach a broader audience and better leverage their time. Delivering only as a one-on-one service provider is a tough business model.

In this episode, Jorge talks to CustomerHub owner Kyle Leavitt and they go over the changes they have planned to revitalize the product and make a solution small business owners can really use for building their membership sites. They also discuss the plans for CustomerHub partner community, a community Larry Jacob Internet Marketing plans to join soon, where "ninjafied" partners are vetted and listed as a resource CustomerHub users can use.

If you'd like to reach Kyle to learn more about CustomerHub, visit or reach out to him and his team and