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How to Build an Indoctrinated Cult-Like Following

Defining Infusionsoft Success - Episode 69
Guest: Lynn Swayze

I recently wrote an article, 3 Key Ingredients for a Successful Memberium Membership Site where I go over the importance of:

  • addressing the technical members site issues,
  • organizing your content so it works well online, and
  • generating traffic so you aren't building an oasis in the desert where no one can find it.

In this "Defining Infiusionsoft Success" episode, direct response copywriter Lynn Swayze joins us and discusses generating traffic and getting new customers.  Lynn shares with us her Marketing Trifecta of attraction, indoctrination and conversion.  We discuss how to attract people who've never heard of you, indoctrinate them making them cult-like followers and convert them into paying customers.

Lynn shares some valuable insight any business owner wanting sell online or offline must address in order to be successful.

You can connect up with Lyn and book a free “More Leads” Marketing Strategy session with her at