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3 Key Ingredients for a Successful Memberium Membership Site

Customers needing a successful Memberium membership site for their business must have some essential ingredients.  Without them, their solution is doomed.  It won't work.  Those three ingredients are:

  1. Traffic
  2. Content That Works Online, and
  3. A Working Memberium Site.

These may sound obvious, but we run into new membership site owners all the time that are missing one or more of these.  I'm bringing this up so you know it up front.  If you don't have all three of these, you are building a one or two legged stool and expecting it to stand up straight.  Don't be surprised when you don't get results.

Let me review these so you understand how these come together to provide a complete Memberium membership site solution.

Ingredient #1 - Traffic

I've written a lot of on to subject of membership site sales funnel design.  I've covered using membership sites for delivering lead magnets and tripwires.  These two articles I reference below go over how you might do that:

Consider what it is you want to accomplish.  If you already have a tribe of members that follow you via social media and / or email, you have a natural traffic source.  That's a valuable asset.

If you do public speaking, you should know your market and audience well.   Your challenge is to get that target audience to consider an online version of what you present on stage and purchase that online option..  You have an audience and natural traffic you can use to generate qualified traffic to your site.

On any new program, your sales funnel should be your top priority.  Before you build your membership site (and this works against my best interest since it postpones the site build we are best at delivering), you need to test your concept to confirm the demand you can expect to get.  Avoid spending  too much time on Ingredients #2 and #3 below until you know you can find potential traffic sources of the people that need what you sell.

The last thing you want to do is build a really nice membership site costing you time and money only to realize you don't have a solution that sells.


Ingredient #2 - Content That Works Online

Experience working with Memberium membership site customers has taught me that business owners often underestimate the work required build that content.  Any membership stie is going to need:

  • copy,
  • video recordings,
  • newsletters,
  • blog posts,
  • etc.

In the many Memberium membership sites we build, we find that getting customer content is one of the biggest project slowdowns.

In many cases, it's that the business owner lacks experience writing content for a membership audience.  Their content work well in-person, but they have a difficult time getting it to work online.

Some clients haven't visualized how an online video of them giving a live presentation will come across online.  Can they captivate an online audience for extended periods of time like they can in person?  I recently wrote The Trainer’s Challenge: Making Your In-Person Content Great Online which goes into these issues more thoroughly.

A more common problem is the business owner is short on time.  They can't schedule time into their busy schedule to write or record their content.  This puts the project on hold.

I highly recommend getting access to a good content writer, which is more than a copy editor or copy writer.  It could be what you'll need to get it done right and on a predictable schedule.


Ingredient #3 - A Working Memberium Site

I'll be upfront telling you that this our firm's specialty.  We build 3 to 4 memberships sites a month and 90% plus of these are Memberium sites.

Building a Memberium membership site "isn't rocket science."  Then again, it's what we do everyday so we have a team that's gone through the process many time.  Building your first membership site can feel complicated but it's mainly a lot of details and many small steps required to get it done right.   Leveraging the talents of a team that's done it before for getting the best results is definitely a worthwhile investment.  This will enable you to:

  • bypass first timer mistakes that are going to cost you one way or another,
  • avoid the learning curve, trial and error, and time investment you or someone else on your team will face, and
  • make use of proven best practices you can only get from building sites like these on a daily basis.

Hope this helps!