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Avoiding the Infusionsoft Long Pole Issue I See Everywhere

I've been working as an Infusionsoft consultant for over three years.  I've been building websites and Internet marketing solutions of all sorts as a consultant since the Internet began.  I've seen plenty of clients building their own Infusionsoft projects and some haven't done badly.  It's interesting though how over and over again, I see a common thread.  You find a task that's taking much longer than it should and becomes the project "long pole" or "critical path."  It becomes that thorn in the project that just gets in the way.

When you take the time to investigate the real cause of that delay, you'll find that nine times out of ten, it's a lack of knowledge.

The business owner and their team can have the right vision.  They can understand their goals precisely and clearly.  But there are several reasons I have seen these projects take much longer than expected, particularly:

  • the team is short on Infusionsoft development experience,
  • they lack familiarity with Infusionsoft best practices,
  • they haven't worked on Internet marketing projects like this before and
  • come from an area of expertise outside this particular type of marketing and related technologies.

Unfortunately, this causes them to struggle and face unnecessary delays in getting their solutions up and working.

This isn't an accusation by any means.  Please accept my apologies if I'm coming across as too crass or direct.  I'm just sharing with you my observations.

It's the same as if I, lacking any practical knowledge in the culinary arts, restaurant management, and food procurement, decided to open up a very cool South Beach style eatery.  We have lots of those really cool places here in Miami.  I really enjoy eating there.  The reason they are so good is because they are run by people who know that business and know it well.  They have been in that industry and have done their learning on the front lines.  They've seen the best and the worse that can happen in the food services business and are leveraging that experience in this new venture.

You can pick any industry and the businesses that get the top results are the ones run by people that have experience in that industry and learned what works and what doesn't work.

That's why I highly recommend that someone who lacks a really strong technology and Internet marketing background make a point of finding a good source of help when taking on Infusionsoft.  Infusionsoft is definitely able to get the results any business owner needs like increasing revenue and reducing costs through automation, all fueling the growth of their business.

It's not that without the help they will never succeed.  It's that without help the delays, additional costs, and unnecessary failures will make getting the results they want soooooo much more difficult.  It will introduce delays that nobody wants and levels of frustration no one needs.

The years of experience my team and I have in running restaurants isn't what's going to make for a great dining experience.  The years of Infusionsoft, website development, and Internet marketing experience we have is going to make for a much more successful and less painful Infusionsoft implementation.  On a daily basis, my team members and I do this work and run into new solutions and techniques that continue to grow our knowledge.

We saw the value of responsive theme designs and began offering that as a standard feature in many of our website projects.  Just today a team member shared with me how they learned to use fonts more creatively to get websites looking exactly as needed regardless of the browser being used.  The list of what we know and can help to implement is endless.

And it’s all available here for anyone wanting the quickest and most effective way to land the Infusionsoft solution they need for their business.

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