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Infusionsoft Do It Yourselfers Will Pay a Penalty

I visited with my 93 years old grandfather yesterday.  He’s had an admirable career building a successful glassware manufacturing business in pre-Castro Cuba by the age of 39.  After immigrating to Miami, FL at 39 with only $200 in his pocket, he started all over again and still built a food delivery business that enabled my grandmother and him to retire wealthy at 58.

I have gone to him often over the years for advice and one lesson I remember most is,

“Find experts and learn as much as you can from them before doing it yourself.  You cannot afford to learn on your own.”

I am a committed Infusionsoft user and Infusionsoft consultant.  I am sold on the Infusionsoft vision and work day in and day out to help business owners leverage what this great tool has to offer.

What continually amazes me is the number of business owners that decide to learn Infusionsoft on their own with little to no outside assistance.  These are people whose expertise lie outside the technology space and they commit hours and weeks and months of time working to become their own Infusionsoft expert.

This is a huge challenge and I know because I had to learn Infusionsoft myself.   The difference is I have spent all my career in technology. I came to Infusionsoft:

  • as an experienced web developer,
  • with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, and
  • having worked as a programmer / software engineering for over 15 years.

Despite this very strong technical background, I followed my granddad’s advice and looked for ways to reduce my Infusionsoft learning curve. I made it a top priority to attend Infusionsoft’s yearly InfusionCon user conference three years ago with the goal of looking for ways to learn the tool.

I made use of Infusionsoft’s own learning programs, but a big find for me was the Marketing Automation Group (MAG) run by:

  • Bob Britton, Infusionsoft's 2010 Ultimate Marketer,
  • Micah Mitchell, a highly respected Infusionsoft expert and
  • Grant James, a long time Infusionsoft user who had developed expertise in list building.

Honestly, I didn’t have the money to pay for that program.  I had to sacrifice and get resourceful to pay for the program.  I did know I could not afford to learn what this team of Infusionsoft experts could teach quickly.

That investment of time and money enabled me to learn in a short time what would have taken me years.  Instead of using trial and error, I tapped into their expertise and best practices.  I did so well, I was declared their 2013 Marketing Automation Champion Award earning me their $30,000 cash award.

My recommended approach to taking on Infusionsoft is what we have packaged as our Larry Jacob Internet Marketing Kick Start Program.  We meet with our customers to review their list of priorities and select what I like to call “their lowest hanging fruit” project.  This is one that clearly provides them with measurable improvements and can be built in a relatively short amount of time.

We develop this solution and then train the customer on as much of the solution as they would like to learn.  Some customers want to know it all.  Others prefer to bring on one of our virtual assistants only receive an overview of the solution.

Either route they take, the client gets solutions built using our “best practices” and one to several solutions built addressing a problem they need solved.

After that, we work to build on that initial solution slowly addressing all the issues needed by the customers.

At no time is the customer wasting time working in an area way outside their expertise. Yet when the task is completed, their unanswered questions are explained to them.  The customer’s expertise is applied to the solution combined with our Infusionsoft and Internet marketing expertise to quickly move them ahead.

If you would like to consider us as a way to speed up implementation of your Infusionsoft solution, fill out our contact us form below and one of our team members will get right back to you.

Hope this helps.

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