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Having spent the last week attending the latest Memberium Summit, this Memberium consultant has Memberium and LearnDash coming out every orifice of my body.  As both a Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and Memberium Certified Implementation Partner, I've come away from this Summit with renewed enthusiasm.  I've been fully reassured that the Memberium platform continues to be the top performing solution for building Infusionsoft membership sites.

You can go to our Memberium membership site practice page to see all we do.

The presentations were refreshing discussing not only technical issues, but also:

  • Gamification tactics for keeping members engaged,
  • Strategic consultant approaches for systematically organizing membership site content simplifying the effort it takes to put this together, and
  • Learning Management System discussions (including tools like LearnDash) for optimally organizing course content and keeping your members learning efficiently.

I could go on and on about what it is I've learned as a consultant and I could review some more with you.  What I thought would be better option is to update our standard Memberium build package, the one we like to call our Incredibly Powerful Memberium Website, to include the top features our sites already deliver while adding feature I learned while attending the Summit.

You can visit >>>>> <<<<< to read up on this package and see all it includes.   Let me assure you, the bonus items we describe and include in this package are ones you need and ones that most consultants offering membership website building services don't even know you must include in every implementation.

The package includes installing the site on your own server or configuring a new environment so you are starting off with a solid foundation.  It's 100% done for you.


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