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Infusionsoft & Salesforce Tutorial: Zapier is the Key to Integrating the Two

Infusionsoft provides complete CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features, but often enough you need to integrate Infusionsoft campaigns with other systems. Our team faced this situation on a project for a client whose sales team uses Salesforce. They wanted the automated campaigns the Infusionsoft provides, but they did NOT want to migrate their sales team from Salesforce.

The tool for integrating these systems is Zapier. It has some easy to use feature for connecting the applications involved in the solution. This included LanderApp, Infusionsoft and Salesforce.

This tutorial video reviews the workflow that starts with a LanderApp opt-in form creating a new contact in Infusionsoft which creates a new lead in Salesforce. It reviews creating the new contact in Infusionsoft which begins a campaign that sends email messages to the contact over the following weeks. As the contact watches a series of 7 videos, the contact is tagged in Infusionosft with via Zapier creates notes in the corresponding Salesforce lead record. With zero access to Infusionsoft, the sales team has full visibility to this sales funnel activity and can response accordingly.

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